“The Tooth Fairy coin book is wonderful. I have always wanted a way to get my son into coin collecting and this was a perfect way to make him excited about a coin collection. We now look though spare change to see if we can find old coins.” -William S.

“”I bought the book for my son and he loves it. He is so proud of his collection. I remember getting quarters growing up and this brings it to a whole new level.” -Mark S.

“I bought two books, one for my son & one for my niece for Christmas. I think this will be a great way to keep the tooth safe until the tooth fairy trades it for a coin! Great idea!” -Sherri R.

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December 27, 2014

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Why Buy a Book

Parents/Grandparents love it because it is a wonder piece of memorabilia that every child will encounter with their parents. It also can teach a child the value of money in all its different forms. Whether its sentimental value or that it is a rare coin worth more than its face value ( some quarters are worth thousands of dollars). And finally it teaches kids to save money. Coin collection is a long standing tradition that has been handed down from parent to child and now it can be easily shared by both the expert collector or the “new to this thing” parent that just wants to share a special moment with their child and make it last.

Kids love it because its personalized and each bag is unique to each child. No two bags are the same. Each bag has been selected and approved by the tooth fairy and has been stamped with the seal of approval. And the bag has magic- at night before the child goes to sleep they place the tooth inside the bag and the magic helps the tooth fairy find the child’s tooth. But if for some reason the tooth fairy misses them that night the child can always recharge the magic on the website or send a text message to the tooth fairy and remind them to get put on their route of deliveries that night.

Dentists love it because it is an excellent record of progress in the growth of a child and it instills the importance of good habits. It really gives kids the incentive to start forming proper dental hygiene habits that will lead to a healthier smile. The tooth fairy loves collecting healthy teeth!

Most of us grew up getting a quarter under the pillow- and can remember how exciting that was. Now the event can be even more memorable and special by having the ability to preserve that point in time and commemorate it with something of significance. This helps preserve the tradition that has been handed down generation after generation, and will create a bonding moment between parent and child throughout each other’s lifetime.

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